The No-Fuss Guide To Toning Up

Staying in shape and having a toned body is in instant self confidence booster. Having an active lifestyle results in better mental health, which further positively affects your routine tasks.

How to tone muscles” is a common question asked especially by beginners who want to look good and get back in shape. So we are going to give you a complete guide to toned muscles and beautiful body.


So, when talking about toning, the trick is to basically do each of these consistently:

  1. Resistance training for muscle toning
  2. Regular cardiovascular exercise for fat loss
  3. Healthy diet to show some of those lovely muscles!


Note down these tips and you will go a long way!

Eat fruits and vegetables

Consume as many fruits and vegetables as you can. They keep your heart healthy and well-functioning while aiding digestion. They will act as your natural muscle toner and provide you with essential vitamins and minerals to stay active and working!

Consume healthy fat, lean protein and whole grains

Intake of the right foods leads to muscle repair and growth, resulting in the development of lean muscles. A well balanced diet will make sure you get the desired nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy overall. Depriving yourself from these three elements of lean protein, whole grains and healthy fat is nothing but being unfair to your own body.

Do the plank and pushup combo

The best exercise combination to tone your upper body is the pushup and plank combo. It targets your chest, shoulders, triceps and abdominals. You have to keep your back straight and your abs tight. Repeat 20 to 25 times for at least three sets regularly for best results.

Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated all the time is the key of staying in shape. It allows all the toxins of your body to flush out, keeping you active and energized. Also, water is great for a younger looking skin. Target at least 2 liters of water daily and more when you sweat. Avoid other flavored and alcoholic drinks as they do not do your body any good!

Destress yourself!

Whenever you are stressed out, your body secretes a hormone which makes you gain weight and lose muscles. Get plenty of sleep to release your stress, get some fresh air, get involved in any positive thing every day and stay motivated. Exercise is a great way to stay positive since it releases endorphins in your body which counter the stress hormones.