Photography for Indian weddings

There is no debate to the fact that Indian wedding photography is quite different and unique than the wedding photography we know in the rest of the world. There are countless ways of getting married in different customs and traditions all around the globe that we find amazingly beautiful. But, nothing can be compared with the fun activities and excitement that you will find in an Indian wedding.


You will find a long list of activities and events related to wedding that are part of the wedding celebrations and preparations. Each one of these activities holds great importance in a traditional Indian wedding. For this reason, selection of right photographer who must have years of experience of Indian wedding photography is very important. This is because, only a professional and experienced Indian wedding photographer can capture each and every moment of every single event of an Indian wedding in its true spirit.


If you are not sure how to be sure that the photographer that you have selected for your Indian wedding is the right pick or not, then you should simply judge him based on following factors:


Do he has ample knowledge and experience of shooting an Indian wedding


It is very important, as we mentioned above that only someone who has years of experience of shooting Indian weddings can capture the best moments of an Indian wedding. For instance, if the photographer that you have selected for your Indian wedding has never attended sangeet as a photographer, then he will have no clue that what he has to click and what he can ignore. If truth be told, some of the best clicks of an Indian wedding come from sangeet ceremony.


He should have very good reputation as a good mehndi photographer


Another important event of an Indian wedding is mehndi. You can not even imagine an Indian wedding without colors, celebrations and happiness that you experience in mehndi ceremony. Make sure that the photographer that you choose should have very good command on shooting mehndi ceremony.


Last but not the least; he should obviously have sound experience in shooting Indian wedding ceremony. Indian weddings are much more lively weddings than what you will find in most of the cultures and societies. For this reasons, if you will hire a renowned wedding photographer with years of experience of shooting only western weddings, you will be putting your entire wedding shoot on risk.


You will also have to be very careful, if you are going to hire a corporate photographer in Dubai to get top quality corporate photo shoot.