5 Gift Ideas You Can Give To Your Bosses On Their Birthday

Giving your boss a gift on their birthday is an excellent gesture to show how much you appreciate their leadership and guidance. But oftentimes, it is hard to pick one that you think they would appreciate.

If you are still undecided about what to give your boss on his/her birthday, here are some ideas that might help you:

  1. Gift basket


If your boss is into wine and cheese, then why not consider giving him/her a wine and cheese basket. Your boss would surely appreciate such gesture from you and your team. If wine and cheese is not his/her kind of thing, you can choose from a wide range of gift baskets. There are gift shops who customized gift baskets according to the specifications of the client.


  1. Bouquet and plants

Bouquets and flower arrangement are gifts that never goes out of style. These timeless gifts are perfect from any occasion – from showing your appreciation to celebrating birthdays. You can surprise your boss with a stunning flower arrangement that would like really great on a vase. You can choose from the ready-made arrangements offered by flower shops that also offer flowers delivery to Abu Dhabi. But you can also have them customized and choose your boss’ favorite blooms.

  1. Cake and sweet treats

Another timeless gift that you can give your boss is a birthday cake. Everyone loves a birthday cake – from a little kid to kid-at-hearts. Giving your boss a birthday cake would definitely bring back good childhood memories. Try to know what kind of flavor your boss would love. You can bake the cake yourself or just order one if you don’t have the time to bake them. You ask a Abu Dhabi cake delivery service to get it delivered to their desk or their residence’s doorstep. Be sure to include a heart-warming message along with the sweet treat.

  1. Stationery set


If you want to give your boss something that he/she can use for work, a stationary set would be a lovely alternative. You and your team can buy an expensive and one-of-a-kind pen and commission it for engraving. This would make your gift more personalized and unique.


  1. Watch


If you and your team have money to spare, why not give your boss a one-of-a-kind watch that they can use for work. It might be costly, but this grand gesture would definitely burn to his/her memory.