A few of the best restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has managed to become one of the most booming metropolitan cities over the last couple of years. If anything, its culture has long been influenced by those from around the world. This is evident in multiple aspects of Dubai, including its shopping centers and restaurants. Believe it or not, but the top chefs and restaurants from around the world have moved to Dubai in order to deliver top quality culinary experiences to not just the locals, but those traveling to the city as well.

There are a number of restaurants in Dubai that you should definitely check out when you travel to the Emirate. A few of these are:

Fire & Ice

If you are truly interested in experiencing new and exciting flavors in a culinary journey that is simply out of this world, then make sure that you visit the Fire & Ice restaurant at the Raffles Hotel when you visit Dubai. The Head Chef here has a thing for exploring the different flavors that are part of different cuisines around the world. The restaurant serves a number of high end dishes with a number of simple yet delicious alternatives as well. To put it in simple words, the culinary experience that this restaurant delivers is one that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. Your money is definitely going to be spent well here.

JW’s Steakhouse

If you want to eat out at a traditional steakhouse that has a luxurious appeal to it, then JW’s Steakhouse is where you should be. The Head Chef here basically took the basic concept of a traditional steakhouse and gave it a bit of a luxurious spin. From the class Rib Eye Steak to an endless variety of seafood, this steakhouse offers it all. The ambiance at this steakhouse located in the JW Marriott Hotel is just amazing and it is literally worth spending your money on food here.


Nobu is the restaurant of choice for just about anyone and everyone interested in Japanese cuisine. The Head Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, gives it his best to make sure that those who dine out at his restaurant get to have the best sushi experience possible. There are a number of signature dishes here as well that you should definitely try out. However, it is necessary for you to book a table in advance over here, so make sure that you reserve your table beforehand so there are no last minute waits for you.