Facts About Silk Worms

Silk worms are very amazing to sound and they have an amazing life even though it is short but they have given us some of the most softest and smoothest fabric that we can imagine of. Imagine that if there were no silk worms, the word silk would not have invented!

Silk is the most expensive type of fabric that one can buy. There are senthetic silks as well. but they are fake and they are sold in cheap and that is why you need to know that if someone is trying to sell you cheap silk, then you must know that they are selling the fake ones.

There is no difference in telling that the cheap silk is different from the expensive silk, the only thing that will make the difference is the price. if you are a kind of person who has been out in the market to know about silk.

Then you are in luck, because you are at the right post because here, we will tell you some amazing facts about silk worms and these facts are provided to us by sik silk online which is the best men’s online fashion store. Keep reading to know more:

  1. There is a time when there is so much demand that people have to find other ways to make sure that the demand is met. And the silk is even though too much expensive but still there are manufacturers who have made sure that silk does not get end from the market and there is unlimited amount of supply. And you will be shocked to know that there are some kinds of silk worms that are modified genetically so that they live much longer and produce the longest threads of silk.
  2. You will be shocked to know that their genes are mixed with spiders and seeing that the spiders make long webs, they genetics work in a way that the silk worms make longer strands of silk.
  3. There are different kinds of pets but you will be shocked to know that there are people who have kept silk worms as pets. They are given fresh mulberry leaves to eat and it is a good science for kids to see the life cycle of an insect as well.