Do these first before purchasing disc plough

You must have used several different types of disc ploughs and harrows in your farming career. Some of those may have worked well, while others had not. Worry not, there is enough time for you to look for a disc harrow before the next crop season. To have a bumper crop, you need to prepare the soil adequately. Every farmer knows the actual importance of preparing ground ahead of planting the seeds. It is important to note that preparing ground is not as easy as some might think. It requires softening and that will be done using the plough and harrow. Both will be used side by side and your tractor will be used as the mounting vehicle. But, before you end up purchasing the plough, make sure that you are a buying a quality one. Here is more on this so pay attention:


Look for quality

As you know that ground preparation is the first step before moving to the next stage. But, you should ensure that the primary cultivating equipment, the plough and harrow, must be bought from a quality seller. This equipment should last many seasons, else there is no point in buying those. Always ensure that the plough and harrow are backed by warranties, so look for those before purchasing one.

Know your ground well

Every farmer claims to know the ground well, but some of you may not have used the plough as frequently. Despite being similar in nature, the harrow is different from dis plough in many ways. Not to mention that both types of equipment prepare the ground in their own different ways. It is important to know the type of crop you want to grow before choosing the equipment. This knowledge will help you choose the suitable equipment for preparing the ground for the crop you want to grow.

Attachments are a must

Always ensure to purchase adequate attachments with the ground preparing equipment. Doing so will make it easy to attach the equipment with the tractor. Keep in mind that different types of attachments are available to tractor and harrow/ plough. You must know about the type of equipment you want to buy and then go for the attachment.

In the meantime, continue exploring MF 375 tractor price in Pakistan. It will let you find the best price for that type of tractor. Once you have bought the tractor, start searching for the plough and harrow.